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My first game developed entirely in the Commodore 64 assembler. For now, still in development.

Version 0.52 is only a demo of only 10 screens, to test how the game works.

NOTE: Some sprites and intro music are not final, as they belong to other games, they are provisional while the new ones are developed.

NOTE: Some sprites and intro music are not final, as they belong to other games, they are provisional while the new ones are developed.

Published 16 days ago
StatusIn development


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Brok_v052_demo.prg 39 kB

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Nice game! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:28:10. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


Subscribed! Thank you 🙂

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I do hope it will have the energy depletion model like Vampire; it's instant death now :)) . Btw if you want some 'box art' at some point; let me know.

¡¡Está quedando espectacular!! espero verlo terminado

A finales de marzo sacaré una nueva versión con mas niveles y algunas mejoras. En principio, primero saldrá en el disco de portada de la revista ZZAP! 64. Pero luego lo publicaré en itch.io :)

Soy el fan número 1, aquí estaré esperando.

With the recent release of the ZX Spectrum version, I wondered if we ever would get it for C64 as I played Vampire (Phantomas 2) to death back in the day. And it even has the 'alternative' C64 sprite! Very Cool! was hoping for a sequel on C64 since Phantomas: Saga Infinity was released for MSX in 2006 (doesn't that make this part IV?).

Well, it can be considered a prequel, before the events narrated in Phantomas: Infinity Saga. It is a direct continuation of the Phatomas II/Vampire story.

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Going the 'Return to Monkey Island ' route so to speak :). Nice.  I think I got a bit confused though. I thought this was going to be 'simply' a conversion of the ZX Spectrum game 'Phantomas Tales 4 Severin Sewers' (with the sprite being swapped for the C64 one). But your game looks far different (and better !). Really looking forward to this. Hopefully it will be a very nice (big) map, like Vampire (for me to draw ofcourse:) ). 

I'm glad you like it. Thanks for the feedbac :)

Promising game. Very good graphics. Interesting controls with short and long jumps. It has quite trolly level design which is a plus XD

thank you :)

Quite difficult! Wondering if we can have this game, a new version, as exclusive on our coverdisk for the ZZAP! 64 magazine (next issue due end of March). Please contact me via: jazzcat64@gmail.com

Está muy chulo. Qué recuerdos de los Phantomas de Dinamic jeje. Por favor, haz que el juego final esté disponible para todo el mundo... 🙏🙏🙏

Up the developer. For ZZAP! 64, we just release the game there, after the magazine is released, it is then up to the developer if they spread it on their webpage or such. Greetings!

Hard as a nails but good game !

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Excellent, thank you! ;-)

Good job! https://c64universe.wordpress.com/2024/02/07/phantomas-iii-the-return-of-brok-pr...


Thank you so much :)

Probado el motor y lo veo perfecto. Ahora a darle caña a las pantallas. Muchas felicidades, para primer proyecto ASM hay nivelazo aquí.


Nice demo!